Gasterij de Kruisberg

Restaurant - farmhouse de Kruisberg is located in the shelter of a large parabolic dune, near Heemskerk.

Gasterij de Kruisberg where a good kitchen is just as important as friendly service. Gasterij de Kruisberg offers its hospitality six days a week and welcomes all guests, whatever the size of your party.

In 1938 the dune area and the farm were sold to the province of North-Holland, who tasked PWN (Provincial Water company North-Holland) with the management.
After the war the rangers working in this part of the dune area used the farm barn. Gradually, other functions were added, such as serving as hangar for a glider club. Later still, it served as a student field laboratory and accommodation.

PWN has stopped using de Kruisberg. A few years ago therefore, the barn stood empty, and PWN searched for a new function for this monumental building, one that would fit in with nature and recreation and the identity and character of the area.
When it was decided it should house a tearoom, ten managing candidates applied, four with detailed business plans.
Gasterij de Kruisberg won the tender and was given the chance to turn de Kruisberg into a magical, informal restaurant that keeps the monumental character of de Kruisberg intact.