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Junction 23. That's it. The cycling hub where it all starts. We have a number of routes ready for you. Did you not bring your own bicycle? No problem! We have rental bicycles ready. At the campsite, bicycles can be rented for children and adults, electric and much more!

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Cycling the Ferry Route

Cycling the Ferry Route (Pontjesroute) 35km

The Ferry Route is a very attractive cycling route around the lakes Alkmaardermeer and Uitgeestermeer, and includes five ferry crossings. Two of the ferries you'll need to operate yourself by means of a winch. You'll cycle along the whipped up waters of this large lake, and over the ring dikes of deep polders, with their rigid pattern of ditches, roads and canals.

Route Description
The Pontjesroute starts and finishes at the NS train station of Castricum - but you can start at any other place too. From Castricum station you follow junction signs (knooppunt) 22-21-20-24-84-87-ferry-88-89-ferry-59-ferry-60-61-62-58-57-56-ferry-55-54-19-18-17-21-22 and then the sign to the train station.

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Cycling Route Dunes, Villages and the Sea

Cycling Route Dunes, Villages and the Sea 41km

Enjoy the beautiful dunes and the villages around them. The dunes you pass are unique in The Netherlands, as well as in all of Europe. It is a 5,5 hectares expanse of untouched dune landscapes, stretching from Wijk aan Zee to Schoorl. The views will be immensely varied, unmatched anywhere in The Netherlands.

On the way you'll see the North Sea, but also friendly villages, woodlands, small country roads and rural areas. In addition to the unique landscape you'll pass buildings brimming with history, such as castles, fortresses and country estates.

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