Wanneer wil je komen?
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Het Duinstruweel

The pitches offer electricity and cars are allowed on the pitch. Near a number of pitches there is extra play equipment suited for the youngest of children.

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Het Eikenbos

All Eikenbos pitches are situated around or very near the sports field, with a football pitch and volleyball court. In addition there is a natural playground where children can even play with water. These lovely pitches have electricity.

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Oase Pitches are especially suited for those who wish to indulge their love of nature. They are situated in a quiet woodland area. These pitches have no electricity and are in an area with significantly reduced car access. Every Oase Pitch is furnished with a picnic table as well as strong stakes that will support a hammock.

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De Hoepse Beek

Hoepse Beek welcomes dogs on its pitches. These pitches, with electricity, are located at the front of the campsite, so you can take you pet directly into the North Holland Dune Reserve to stretch its legs. 

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De Binnenduinrand

De Binnenduinrand offers beautiful pitches, the majority in full sun. These pitches have electricity and a car may be parked on the pitch.

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