Zoek je verblijf


Holidaying in The Netherlands is very sustainable, and your children will thank you for it. No long flights, a manageable car journey and lots of new friends! In addition to this, you'll stay at a campsite that does everything possible to make sure its recreation activities take nature conservation into account.

Visit Geversduin, where all our efforts for sustainability and nature conservation were rewarded with a gold Green Key, the highest accolade in the field of care for the environment. How do we achieve this? 

Plastic House

The Plastic House is a unique accommodation, largely made from recycled material. Both on the outside and in terms of design, sustainability, user-friendliness and certainly comfort have been taken into account. It is the first holiday home in Europe that is largely built from stray plastic on the outside, which is all collected on the beach of Castricum. How special that you don't notice this. The accommodation has a luxurious appearance!

Ecological Tree House

If you don't like roughing it, but do like the campsite atmosphere, then our Tree House is just the thing for you. Sustainable? Absolutely! Made from untreated wood, sourced from managed FSC forests, the Tree Houses are high, dry and warm. They are insulated with mineral wool, a completely recyclable material that helps reduce CO2 production. The large windows make you connect with the nature around you, and reduce the need for the use of indoor light.


We maximise the re-use of resources. When we need to prune, a lot of the clippings are used; to make benches, bike racks and play equipment. So you won't find a plastic coated see-saw here, but instead, natural playgrounds. Children can play with water flowing through hollow stems, and scramble over walls made from the bricks reclaimed from an alley, while the alley is now surfaced with woodland chips made from our prunings.


A warm shower and a clean toilet is what everyone wants, especially when staying at a campsite. We take the environment into account here too. All our taps and shower heads are water-saving, all cleaning agents used are biologically degradable, and the lights work with movement sensors, so there is no unnecessary waste of energy. Our rental accommodation is also cleaned with biologically degradable products. Sustainable from start to finish! 

And what else...

With the help of our camping guests we collect waste separately. Empty egg boxes, jars and corks are used by the Recreation Team, who erect whole art projects by reusing materials. We think that you should also be able to hear nature's beauty. Our staff use bicycles or electric vehicles to reach our guests. Parts of the campsite have restricted car access, and there are electric charging points in the car park: for both cars and bicycles.