Zoek je verblijf

At the Geversduin campsite there are a number of expectations. This is to maintain safety, order and peace and to make everyone happy.

You are welcome with a tent, folding trailer, camper or touring caravan. As long as it's just one camping tool. Naturally, placing a small dome tent in consultation is no problem.

Dogs are only welcome on the Hoepse Beek. For this we have set up a nice page where you will find all the information.

Barbecuing is allowed, but this is only allowed with gas or electric.

The campsite is located in the beautiful Dunereserve of North Holland. To enter this reserve you need dune cards, if you camp with us you will receive this upon arrival for free.

The conditions apply to all agreements of the Kennemer Dune Campsites. In cases not covered by the regulations, the manager decides.

Dunereserve of North Holland
Prices and conditions
Dogs on the campsite

Car and other vehicles

You will receive a barrier card for each barrier. This card is personal and can only be used once per pass. The card cannot therefore be passed on to the next car. You pay 1 euro per hour, 5 euros per day for parking at the car park and the first half hour is free! A speed limit of 5 km / h applies at the campsite.


We ask you to put the garbage in tightly sealed bags in the containers. There are also separate waste bins for paper, glass and residual waste. Old batteries can be handed in at the reception. The campsite does not have a sewer connection at the camping pitches. You can empty toilet buckets at the designated places in the sanitary building. To prevent abuse, the keys to the disabled rooms can only be obtained at the reception on presentation of a disabled card.

Camping pitches

A maximum of 6 people can stay overnight per pitch. At the reception you will be allocated a place on the campsite. If family members / friends want to use your camping equipment, they can report this at the reception. We ask everyone to leave the campsite tidy on departure.

(Day) visit

We are happy to receive visitors at the reception. A parking ticket can be purchased for a fee. The visitor can park in the relevant parking area. The parking space at the reception is only intended for arrivals. You can park here for a maximum of 15 minutes. Parking in the parking lot costs 5 euros per day and 1 euro per hour. You will receive the first half hour from us!

Other Guidelines

In order to allow everyone to enjoy a good night's sleep, we ask our guests to consider the neighbors after 10 p.m. A tent cloth or a caravan unfortunately offers less privacy than an isolated house. The television and a social gathering are more audible. We therefore ask you to take this into account and to minimize the noise. In this way we hope that everyone can enjoy a wonderful holiday and can come home fully rested.


Dogs are only welcome on De Hoepse Beek. No pets / dogs are allowed on the other camping pitches and in the accommodations. We have a nice page for you where you can find all information regarding the dogs.

Stay longer

If you don't want to go home at all and want to use your camping pitch all day long, then we recommend booking a day longer. Otherwise we cannot say for sure that you can stay longer. You can always discuss this with the reception on the day of departure whether you can stay longer. Of course you can park your car in the parking lot next to the reception.

Arrival and departure

The reception team is ready for you upon arrival! Check-in for a camping pitch is possible from 2 pm. For an accommodation it is possible from 3 pm. Would you also like to log out at the reception upon departure? The check-out time for a camping site is 12 noon. For an accommodation it is 10 am.