Wanneer wil je komen?
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Tent Cabin

The luxurious way of old-fashioned camping in a tent.

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Tree house

Situated so deeply in nature that it feels like staying in a tree, because from the first floor window all you can see is greenery!

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Vegetable House

The Vegetable House: very exclusive, edible accommodation, impossible to keep away from! You'll want to see, touch, smell, harvest and taste it.

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Karsten Tent

Are you new to camping and would you like to be eased into the game? Start by renting one of our fully equipped Karstentent!

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Beach Cabin

The characteristic Noord-Holland Beach Cabin offers all comforts you need to really enjoy the dunes and the beach. 

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Hobbit House

Geversduin has a new unique way to spend your holiday in a fairytale Hobbit house!

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