Zoek je verblijf

Hi, I'm Ullie the owl!

I live at the campsite. I really like it here, because there are so many lovely kids here! Being an owl, I usually wake up when it gets dark and go to sleep when it gets light outside.
Because I am very curious and do not want to miss anything during the day, sometimes I come out of my nest to cuddle up with the children or eat a piece of cake on a birthday. Are you curious when I'm at the campsite? Check out the program!

Celebrate your birthday with ullie!

All your friends come to your birthday party to congratulate you, to play with your new gifts and of course to eat cake. As your best camping friend, Ullie is of course also part of that!

Invite Ullie by sending mom or dad to the reception. Here they can tell you everything about the packages and make an appointment to see Ullie at your party.

Do you want to color with Ullie? Ullie has made a number of coloring pages for you below. Have fun!

Ullie on holiday