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Ascension 2020

How do four lovely days away around Ascension Day sound? Reserve the Ascension arrangement. Stay from May 20 to May 25, 2020 at camping Geversduin. Reserve quickly!
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arrangement: 7 = 6

Fancy a week away outside of the main holiday periods? Come to camping Geversduin, stay 7 nights and pay for just 6. And enjoy our beautiful location with your familiy!
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camping with the discount card

At camping Geversduin you can not only enjoy a beautiful location, but also experience a lot at the campsite it self. Stay overnight with your discount card for just € 20 a night!
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Easter 2020

An arrangement specially put together during Easter, a great time to see nature awaken at the campsite. From April 10 to April 14, 2020. Also this season we have a special arrangement for this great time.
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Pentecost 2020

Do you want a nice weekend away during Pentecost? Take advantage of the Pentecost arrangement from Friday 29 May to 2 June 2020! Come and enjoy our package together during these June holidays.
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late summer 2020

Caravan in the storage or stay during late summer? Isn't it nicer to extend the wonderful holiday feeling? We would know! You can enjoy the beautiful surroundings from August 30 to October 25, 2020.
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