Zoek je verblijf

In the reception we sell walking and cycling maps, dune maps, Ullie articles, postcards and many other fun toys for the little ones. All toys are made of durable material.


Of course we are all fans of sweet Ullie! At the reception shop we sell various items with Ullie on it so that you always have her with you. Think of cuddly toys, gym bags, key rings and more.

Sustainable toys

The American brand Green Toys believes in a better world. It produces plastic toys made from recycled plastic PET bottles and other environmentally friendly materials.


All ZintenZ cards are printed with non-toxic bio-inks, without wasting water and on paper made from leaves and stems from harvest waste.

Geversduin postcards

Funny cards with recognizable texts and pleasant colors. The special Geversduin postcards are a joy to send! They are made of durable material.