Noordhollands Duinreservaat

PWN manages over 7,300 hectares of dune landscape on behalf of the province of North Holland. Included in this area is the North Holland Dune Reserve, one of the largest nature reserves in The Netherlands. It stretches from the Tata Steel grounds in Wijk aan Zee to the Dunes of Schoorl. It is around 20 km long and on average 2.5 km wide, covering 5,300 hectares of dunes, beach, dune forests with a surprising amount of relief, and a number of smaller nature reserves.

To visit the North Holland Dune Reserve you will need a dune pass. All our guests receive a dune pass upon arrival.

If you wish to learn more about the nature reserve, take part in an excursion, or help your children acquire knowledge about nature, then please call at visitor centre De Hoep in Castricum.

Lots of unusual plants and animals

The North Holland Dune Reserve is home to many different plant and animal species. This is a consequence of its large size and great variety of landscapes. Elevation, humidity, the amount of lime in the soil and the historical use by man all contribute to a great biodiversity. 

Walking cycling and riding

The rolling hills of the dunes and the adjacent forest of North Holland are extremely suitable for walking, cycling and horse riding. There is an extensive network of tracks.


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