Zoek je verblijf

Geversduin is the gateway to the largest flower bulb area in Europe.

When you think of Holland... you think of flowers. From early April until mid May, you can sail, bike, walk or drive along the most beautiful tulipfields. And, let's face it, doesn’t a colourful patchwork in the spring make everyone happy?

In Holland above Amsterdam there are many events that focus on flowers, such as the Flowerdays in Limmen and Anna-Paulowna and the flowerparade in Winkel. The opportunity to catch a glimpse only comes by once during six weeks per year.

Don't forget to add Land van Fluwel and the Munster tulip excursion in Slootdorp to your list.

Land van Fluwel

During the entire season you will find tulips in the park! Land of Fluwel is a unique experience- and forest for young and old.
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Tulip excursion

In our green houses we can show you over 1.000.000 tulips, in different phases of growth, in many species and colours. A beautiful sight!
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Hortus Bulborum - 6 apr t/m 16 may

The Hortus Bulborum is the only garden in the world with over 4500 different kinds of bulbs in full bloom each year. They vary from tulips, daffodils and hyacinths to other, most historical species of flower bulbs.
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Cycle past flowerfields

Cycle route along bulbs and dunes! You can start the route in Egmond aan Zee or in Castricum.
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