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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I create a boundary fence on my seasonal pitch?

It is not allowed to place boundaries (such as fences, fences and sheep grids) or camouflage nets, bamboo screens, reed mats and the like. Temporary windbreaks of up to 1.5 meters high and 8 meters long are allowed.

Can I sow grass seed on my seasonal pitch?

Yes this is allowed, you can collect grass seed at the reception and sow it on your pitch. Grass mats are not allowed.

Can I sublet my camping equipment?

ubletting your camping equipment is allowed. When the main booker is not present and persons other than the registered family members stay overnight at the seasonal pitch, this falls under 'subletting'. You can add this yourself in the 'My Geversduin' account.

How does it work if someone wants to come and stay there?

Fun! You have a guest! If someone comes to stay with you, we charge €1.80 per person per night for this. If that person comes with a car, he/she can park the car in our parking lot for € 5 per day.

How far should camping equipment be from the road?

Due to fire and safety requirements, the camping equipment must be placed in such a way that it is placed at least 1.5 meters from the boundary of the seasonal pitch, so that at least 3 meters of free space is left on all sides (a distance of at least 0.5 meters applies on the road side)

How long can I sublet?

Maximum of 28 nights.

How many people are allowed on the pitch?

All pitches can accommodate up to 6 people. This in connection with fire protection at the campsite.

How much does a extra parking ticket cost?

For the whole season the costs are € 55 and for a half season it costs € 33.

Is there power available on the pitch?

All our full / half season pitches are equipped with 16 ampere electricity, with the exception of our Oasis pitches. The Oase places have no power.

What about if you have a seasonal pitch with a car?

For the seasonal parking spaces by car, the main booker will receive a blocking card for access to the campsite. This also applies to the parking lot. A parking fee must be paid for a second vehicle or a second barrier card must be purchased.

What about if you have a seasonal pitch without a car?

For the seasonal parking spaces without a car, the main booker will be given a parking barrier. A second parking ticket can be purchased at the reception. In addition, you can travel to the campsite 6 times per camping season with the barrier card.

What are the costs for a seasonal pitch?

In the link below you can find the rates for a Seasonal pitch at Camping Geversduin,


What are the costs for subletting?

The costs for subletting are € 15 per night or € 75 per week.

What are the maximum dimensions of a camping equipment?

The maximum length of a camping equipment is 7.5 meters, the width of a caravan may not exceed 2.55 meters. Mites suitable for the relevant season place.

What are the times of the barriers?

The barrier is open between 07:00 AM and 10:00 PM. You can drive to your camping pitch or accommodation between these times. The car park is accessible 24 hours a day.

What does duo rental entail?

Duo rental means that use of the caravan is only permitted by both owners and their family members who are registered on the seasonal contract drawn up in advance. The rate is € 150, - per season.

What does family arrangement entail?

Family arrangement means that use of the caravan is only allowed by the owner and first-degree family members who are registered on the seasonal contract which is drawn up in advance. The rate for second-degree relatives; brothers and sisters, grandparents, sisters-in-law and brothers-in-law is a one-off amount of € 150 per year. If you do not buy this off, the rules for subletting apply.

What is done with damage to a camping equipment?

If the camping equipment at Camping Geversduin has been irretrievably adapted or largely or completely destroyed by fire or other calamity, Camping Geversduin is entitled to remove the remnants of the camping equipment or have it removed within 2 days after the event. Depending on the cause of the calamity, the costs of removal can be recovered from the holiday maker.

What is my camping equipment inspected for?

Your camping equipment is inspected on the following points:

  •  Age and spring gas hose Gas pressure regulator (maximum 8 years)
  • Flame gas appliances (stable blue flame)
  • Installation and installation of gas appliances (carbon monoxide)
  • Air supply and exhaust gas appliances
  • Thermocouple operation Pilot flame extinguishes: gas closed
  • Flue gas channel of the geyser
  • Electrical line connections
  • Connections and grounding outlets in wet areas
  • Control connection cable according to NEN standard
When should my camping equipment be inspected?

Your camping equipment must be inspected every 3 years.

Where can my camping equipment be inspected?

Camping Geversduin offers various inspection companies:

  •  Camping shop Zeldenrust (at Camping Bakkum) you can make an appointment via:


Dirk Buijs: 06 - 20 49 28 20

Caravan male: 06 - 51 61 71 88