Beachcombing Museum

Strandvondsten Museum shows what washed up on the Castricum and Bakkum beaches, with many stories from the past and the present.

At the most beautiful spot in Castricum, next to the Zanderij entrance to the North Holland Dune Reserve, you'll find a Beachcombing Museum. Aside from the many beach finds that are on show, a lot of space is reserved for local historical themes. Tours and presentations contain films, news and interesting information, as well as a great number of true beach anecdotes.

Behind the museum is a pick-your-own garden that we named Beachcombing Garden, where participants grow organic outdoor produce such as herbs, vegetables and flowers. Guests and passers-by can buy products or pick-their-own. To give access to Jutterstuin we have opened a walkway across our flower bulb farm, which can also be used to reach Huis van Hilde, the new Provincial Archaeological museum of the province of North Holland.

One of the oldest professions among peoples living on the coast, shellfishery, receives attention too.
In the museum, the garden and when fishing for shellfish we are assisted by people with psychological or mental disabilities.

Please check the Strandvondstenmuseum's website for opening times and more information: