Sauna de Waterakkers

If the weather is not so sunny to go to the beach, why not visit the sauna or have fun swimming with your children in the swimming pool De Waterakkers.

Our enthusiastic staff is ready to provide you with expert, personal, and easy-going care. The warm, good-natured atmosphere and our respect for our guests’ privacy mean that all of our visitors feel as ease and can enjoy wonderful. 

In short, a visit to Sauna de Waterakkers provides rest and rejuvenation for body and mind.

The alternation between hot and cold stimulates blood flow, delivering a fresh burst of energy to your vital organs. Your skin is thoroughly cleansed and strengthened, giving you a youthful glow. Paying a visit to the sauna has all kinds of positive effects: psychologically and physically. But the main reason to go… ‘It’s very

You can pick up discount vouchers for the sauna at the reception.

Opening Hours (entry 16+)
Monday-Friday 11.00-23.00
Mondays are women-only all day

Sauna de Waterakkers
Kerkweg 217, 1964 KJ Heemskerk
Telephone: (0251) 23 43 44
Email Address: