Captain Rommel

Captain Rommel's garden is no ordinary garden, but one filled with all kind of recreational, cultural and educational activities. 

The central theme in this oasis of quiet is people meeting each other, but it is equally possible to walk around undisturbed or enjoy taking in all that grows and flowers from a comfortable bench. A few of its traditions are the primary school education events, the pumpkin concert and the Christmas Market. In addition there are the Open Garden Days (Open Tuinen Dagen), and bimonthly exhibitions in the meeting room. During autumn the focus is on activities for younger children.

The Garden is part of the foundation "Tuin van Kapitein Rommel", which aims to use both garden and meeting room for various activities. The foundation is mainly run by volunteers, each with their own input to the different activities.


Tuin van Kapitein Rommel 2
1901 DZ Castricum