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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need coins for the showers?

No, you can use the showers in de sanitary buildings for free!



For which age group are activities organized?

We offer a recreation program for children up to 12 years old. We also offer activities for the whole family. Curious about the activities? click here. Program

On which days is the recreation team present?

During holiday periods and all weekends. Recreation starts in the first camping weekend until the last week of the autumn break. You can view the program here



Are there special campervan pitches?

Yes! We have special Camper Comfort pitches with paved grass tiles. This means that the camper is always on a solid surface. At these places you have 16 Amps of electricity, free WiFi, water supply and sewage drainage.

All caravan pitches can also be booked for campervans. If your campervan is longer than 6 metres, please contact us so we can find you the most suitable pitch.

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Can I park my car at the place?

You may only park your car on the pitch at the Binnenduinrand, Hoepesebeek and the Duinstruweel. At the middenbos and the Eikenbos you can only enter the site on arrival and departure days. The other days, however, the car must be parked in our parking lot. This is completely free of charge.

Can I reserve a place for 1 night?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. You can reserve a place from 2 nights. If you really only want to stay 1 night, you can try it. However, we cannot guarantee that we will have a place available when you arrive here.

What is 'Het Middenbos'

'Het Middenbos' is situated in a quiet woodland area. These luxury pitches offer 16 Amp. electricity, a picnic table and a hammock. 'Het Middenbos' is in an area with reduced car access. There is no car parking at the pitch. You can go to the place by car on arrival and departure date. After that, you can park the car for free in the parking lot.

What is the 'Hoepse Beek'?

'De Hoepse Beek' welcomes a maximum of 2 dogs per pitch. The pitches offer electricity and car parking.

What is the Binnenduinrand?

The pitches of the Binnenduinrand are at the beginning of the campsite, have electricity and the car is allowed at the pitch. You can also use Wi-Fi free of charge.

What is the difference between the places?

The dog is very welcome at 'de Hoepse Beek'. Do you want the car on the spot? This can be done on 'het Duinstruweel' or 'de Binnenduinrand'. Prefer to spend the night car-free? This can be done at 'het Eikenbos' or 'het Middenbos'! 16 ampere electricity is available on all our camping pitches.

In contrast to the other camping pitches, 'het Middenbos' has a hammock and picnic table.

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What is the Duinstruweel?

The pitches in the Duinstruweel are equipped with electricity and the car is allowed at the pitch. You can also use the Wi-Fi free of charge. Het Duinstruweel has a children's playground.

What is the Eikenbos?

The camping pitches in the Eikenbos are located around or near the sports field. The pitches have electricity. You can go to the place by car on arrival and departure dates. After that you can park the car free of charge in the parking lot.

 Het Eikenbos