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Owl excursion IVN

Owl excursion IVN


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Our Ullie is not the only owl in the North Holland Dune Reserve. Join us at the Owl excursion of IVN on Saturday 13 April and / or Saturday 18 May and discover many more owls!

When most of the birds are asleep, the owls wakes up and start looking for food. They do this not alone, because the bats and woodcocks become also active when it is dark. The tawny owls then go hunting for food for themselves or for their young. He tries to catch his prey by silently sitting on a branch and lurking down.

Put on unobtrusive, warm clothes and make sure that the clothes do not make too much noise, because that disturbs the animals. A flashlight is allowed, but only on the advice of the guide.

The owl excursion takes place on April 13 at 20:30 PM and on May 18 at 21:00 PM. You can sign up for the owl excursion via info@campinggeversduin.nl  or by calling 0251-661095. (full is full)

The costs are € 4, - per person, and € 2, - for the children.


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