KDC Live with Ullie


7 - 8.30 PM
Ullie is a guest at Camping Bakkum during KDC Live. Will you join Ullie to sing and dance all the songs?

On August 22, the three singers of the songs will come together at Bakkum and Eeki, Ullie and Zep will be there! Do you wear your disco outfit when you dance or sing along?

Every morning Eeki dances on Bakkum with all the children to the songs of the campsite, just like Zep on the Lakens and Ullie on Geversduin. But especially for you you can now also go to the live concert. We leave with a large bus from the campsite to Bakkum at 06.00 pm collecting is at 05:45 pm at the shortterm parking. You can register at the reception. 

Children can only join under the supervision of a parent/guardian