IVN Bats Excursion


8.00 PM
On Friday, September 13, we organize an evening excursion for adults and children in and around the campsite in cooperation with IVN Midden-Kennemerland.

The guides take you into the dark and they tell you everything about the nightlife in the dune area. Which animals live at night and is a bat scary or useful? When we are used to the dark, the dune area looks very nice and exciting. You can hear the animals communicate with each other and perhaps we meet some real 'night owls' ... This is an excursion without lights, but with exciting observations! So, leave your flashlight at home, put on warm, unobtrusive and noiseless clothing ...

You can sign up for this excursion at the reception info@campinggeversduin.nl  or by phone, 0251-669015

We leave at 20: 00 PM from the reception. Costs are adult € 4, children € 2.