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Time: 8:45 till 9:45
Roll out your mat with our yoga teacher Naz of Flow of Yoga and enjoy a wonderfully relaxed lesson in our North Holland dune area. The sun-salutation will be continued indoors by bad weather.

This lesson combines the principles of yin and yang: it means that we work in different asana'a (postures) from relaxation to exercise. others start dynamically and end silently. The great thing about Yin Yang is that it is freely classifiable, so teaching is never the same. A beautifully balanced combination of Yin and Yang settings.

Suitable for all levels. The challenge in the classroom is finding and maintaining a balance between yin and yang. A nice lesson if you are from the Yin class and are curious if Yang Yoga suits you.

The cost is 10 € per lesson. You can register at the reception at info@campinggeversduin.nl or (+31) 0251 - 661095.